2001 Kanga
Length w/o platform
Length w/ platform
Length w/ trailer
Boat Weight
Boat & Trailer Weight
Personal Capacity
Weight Capacity
Fuel Capacity
2,450 lbs.
3,200 lbs.
8 ppl
1,155 lbs.
28 gal.
310 HP, V-8

The Kanga is all about commitments, particularly commitments to performance, power, quality, control and value. We're talking low, soft slalom wakes and unparalleled tracking! The AWSA gives the Kanga its stamp of approval for tournament use. The 310 HP Indmar Assault gives you all of the pulling power needed for world class tournament runs. It starts with 100% hand-laid glass construction of the hull, deck and stringers. The stringers are bonded to the hull while it's still in the mold to ensure consistent performance. The 22 mm thick gelcoat assures a long lasting finish. The custom interior features laminated G&T marine-grade vinyls, hand stitched around rotocast plastic seat bases and substrates. Every Kanga comes with Teleflex tournament style controls, an adjustable driver's seat, and dual tournament speedometers.