2004 Mobius XLV
Length w/o platform
Length w/ platform
Length w/ trailer
Width w/ trailer
Boat Weight
Boat & Trailer Weight
Personal Capacity
Weight Capacity
Fuel Capacity
4,100 lbs.
5,200 lbs.
16 ppl
2,300 lbs.
40 gal.
310 HP, V-8

At 23 feet in length and over 8 feet in width, the Mobius XLV is a massive boat designed for the rider looking for huge pro-sized wakeboarding wakes with tremendous amounts of additional room for all of their other friends and riders. The double-up flip up seat and large padded playpen bow combine for more seating and storage than any other boat in its class. Standard features include new thicker swept back Rad-a-cage, front Bertha Ballast System, four blade prop, convertible rear seat with seat back, in-floor cooler, and five storage areas large enough to hold wakeboards. Adding the three bag Bertha Ballast upgrade and optional Hydraulic Wake Plate combine to make the most versatile wake enhancement system on the market. With enough room to hold up to 16 adults, the Mobius XLV is the boat of choice for those looking to do a lot of wakeboarding and a lot of partying.