2008 Mobius LS
21' 6"
3,100 lbs.
34 gals
13 ppl
325 HP, V-8, 5.7 L

There are days when you want to wakeboard. There are days when you want to slalom. There are days when you want to wakesurf, kneeboard, and tube. When you run head first into those type of days, make sure you hit them head on in a Mobius LS.

The LS will give you plenty of storage room for all your gear, and plenty of seating for all your friends. The LS direct drive configuration is a slalom specialist dream. That said, the nearly 22 foot long boat will challenge the best intermediate riders command of the wake.

The beauty of a Mobius LS equipped with an optional Multi-Sport wakeplate is that a simple movement of the toggle switch will allow you to instantly change your wake shape for whichever watersport you desire. As with all Mobius series boats, the tower and a single ballast bag is standard.

Don't underestimate the versatility, the cross-over capability, and the good times that are sure to follow your purchase of a Mobius LS.