2008 Mobius LSV
21' 6"
3,300 lbs.
40 gals
13 ppl
325 HP, V-8, 5.7 L

Wakeboarding. The pure joy of challenging the air. Better than that, the pure joy of challenging yourself. The Mobius LSV is going to take you higher, allow you to fly further, simply help you to ride better than you imagined possible.

The LSV is one sweet ride. Passengers ride in the comfort of dual density foam seating covered by high quality G&T leather-like vinyl. Seams are strong and sun resistant, thanks to Gore Tenara thread. Multi-port fuel injected Indmar engines are offered in 325HP, 340HP, and 409HP variations. That power is easily and reliably controlled through a new driver-friendly dashboard on which oversized 5" speedometer and rpm gauges are flanked by volt, oil pressure, speed control, engine temperature, fuel and optional depth finder gauges.

So where is the compromise? There is none. Big clean wakes, phenomenal straight line tracking, powerful hole shots, and a narrow wake table makes the LSV an undeniably reliable wake shaping machine.