2009 Mobius XLV
3,600 lbs.
40 gals
16 ppl
325 HP, V-8, 5.7 L

Mobius XLV

The flagship of the Mobius line, Moomba introduced this wholly redesigned model in 2008. She’s big. A full 23’ long. So that when you go to the lake, you can take your family and their friends.

We’ve heard many a positive remark about the XLVs new styling. Very reminiscent of the LSV, the XLV’s smooth flowing exterior lines is paired with an interior that is deep, wide, and remarkably comfortable.

This boat was designed for the harcore wakeboarding enthusiast in mind. Huge is the best way to describe the wake. Huge. With that as a descriptor, its not surprising that the wake surfing performance is equally outstanding.

The XLV is the clear result of Moomba’s determination to make true performance water sport experience affordable without compromising quality or reliability. The L4 warranty is pure piece of mind. More boat, less money.

Don’t underestimate the Mobius XLV.

XLV Features

Power up the sound with Kicker amplifiers. Stored away in the convenient observer storage area.

Warm up with the easy-to-use stainless steel heater hoses.

Tower, speakers, wakeboard racks and mirror all within easy reach.

Stadium type seating allows for easy-no-neck-craining viewing of the wakeboard action.

Adjustable driver’s seat can be adjusted for different driver heights for better viewing.