Dave Briscoe


How long have you been a Pro? Since ‘93 starting competing pro at age 25.
What is the student’s response to the boat you use for the training clinics? My student’s response is usually the shock they have the first time they hit the wake. And that it's the biggest thing they have ever hit.
What trick do you teach your beginning, intermediate or experienced wakeboarder’s during your clinics? I mainly teach basics no matter what the level. Even my advanced riders find they have to go back before they can move forward. Each student is completely unique. And if I gave all my secrets away I'd be out of a job!
Has anyone you ever trained gone pro? Here is a quick list of students I've coached that turned pro. I'm sure I'll leave someone out and I apologize in advance.

Shannon Best, Jeremy Kovak, Jeff Heer, Zane Scwenk, Robbie Loftus, Parks & Shane Bonifay, Cobe Mikacich, Josh Sanders, Thomas Horrell, Eric Gator Ludgert, Daniel Watkins, Brett Eisenhower, Cathy Williams, Laura Lohrmann, JD Webb, Derek Grassman, Jeff House, Phillup Combs, Phillip Soven, Phillip Aslinger, Daniel Walden, Brian Hutton, Sean Obrien, Tino Santori, Adam Fields, Kevin Henshaw, Steve Cahail, Jeff Weatherall.....and the list goes on.
How much ballast weight do you use? A bag in the front and two in the rear. My Gravity III Ballast System pumps in 1,950 lbs of weight within four minutes.
What boat speed do you have drivers tow you? 25.2 MPH
What is your rope length? 80'
What board do you use? CWB Absolute 135
How often do you train? 2-3 times daily in season 2-3 times a week offseason
What was the first trick you learned? 1st trick hs 180
1st invert Back Roll
1st glide raley
1st mobe HS Mobius
1st big spin ts flat 7
What is your favorite trick? Slurpee (because few can do it)
What was the hardest trick to master? Hs Mobius ts 1080
What is your goal? My goal is to remain in the sport spreading the wealth throughout my life.
Do you have a Website, Facebook or MySpace? www.thewakeboardcoach.com or look me up by my name on Facebook

Wakeboard & Waterski Coach Worldwide. Current coach of following pro Wakeboarder's Zane Schwenk, JD Webb, Parks Bonifay, Shannon Best, Derek Grassman, Jeremy Kovak, Brett Eisenhower, Kevin Henshaw, Laura Lorhmann & Many more.

W.W.A. Certified Driver / Judge / Instructor - Coach U.S. Disabled Ski Team & Disabled International Skiers. Coach Worlds youngest skier Chad Briscoe 6 mo. 28 days. Instructional writer / editor Wakeboard magazine. Announcer CafÈ de Columbia Pro Tour. Personal coach Freestyle Jump Champions and World record holders, Hank Amos, Zane Schwenk & Geno Yauchler. Place an average of 6 people per year into a Professional Show. Place an average of 4 per year into the Pro Tour.

'02 3rd place AWA Worlds Sun City South Africa
'01 2nd Place AWA Worlds Marsalle France
'00 Scandinavian Wakeboard Tour Champion
'99 European Wakeboard Tour Champion
'99 3rd Place Worlds
'98 3rd place Extreme World Cup, Toronto
'98 2nd Supra Sessions Ft. Lauderdale
'97 4th Extreme World Cup, Toronto
'97 I.W.A. Wakeboard Tour Champion, Italy
'96 X Games Finalist
'95 National Record Wakeboard nationals, Austin, Tx.
'94-'04 Total of 16 Pro tour finals