How old are you? 35
What is your current residence? Orlando, FL
Where did you train to become a Pro? Winter Haven, FL with Shannon Starling
How long have you been a Pro? 16 Years
Which Moomba boat do you train behind? Moomba XLV Gravity Edition
What color and graphics package do you have? All white with Gravity Games graphics
Best compliment received about your boat…. Can you please make the wake smaller?
What is the student’s response to the boat you use for the training clinics? One of the first things the students like is the vast space in the cockpit area, and the ample amounts of storage the boat offers which I take full advantage of with storing all the O'Brien product I carry on my tour. Such product includes storing 30 pairs of boots in the rear compartments of the boat while ballast is full. Then after getting behind the boat they are in awe of how large a wake I can produce and also how I can control the shape of it with the wake plate.
What trick do you teach your beginning, intermediate and experienced wakeboarder’s during your clinics? The first trick I teach after getting the student up is how to ride the board opposite foot forward. Then for the students that are intermediate, I work on edge control so they can throw their first invert such as a Back Roll or a Tantrum. For the experienced rider, I watch to see what they are able to throw and then advise them on how to take their tricks bigger and how they can get an extra spin out of the trick.
How much ballast weight do you use? I have 1100lbs in the front and 1300lbs in the rear.
What boat speed do you have drivers tow you? 26.5 MPH
What is your rope length? 87’
What board do you use? O'Brien Alias TT for wakesurfing and the O'Brien Valhalla 139 for wakeboarding with Vice boots
How often do you train? Whenever the weather is nice. In Florida that is almost all the time.
What was the first trick you learned? Back Roll
What is your favorite trick? My favorite trick is the one that went the biggest that day.
What was the hardest trick to master? BS Mobe

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