History of

Moomba Boats:

Moomba’s were born into the tournament tow boat category to make the ownership experience of a true performance boat more affordable. Moomba’s have never been built to be a compromise, or an ‘almost as good as’ boat.

Rather, every Moomba we build is the product of a singular production philosophy that some have labeled ‘K.I.S.S.’ … an acronym for keep it simple. In short, you pay for what you need in a true performance boat, not for overly complicated gadgets and trendy graphics.

Moomba boats, both Outback and Mobius series, provide powerful hole shots, precise straight-line tracking, nimble handling, tournament quality wakes, massive storage, reliable performance, outstanding resale value and years of dependable operation. Standard. That’s where Moomba is today. Here’s a brief overview of how Moomba has risen to become the leading value brand in the tournament water sports market.

Skier’s Choice

Moomba boats are manufactured by Skier’s Choice, Inc., a privately held company located in Maryville, Tennessee. In addition to Moomba, Skier’s Choice also builds another line of tournament inboards: Supra boats. Both Moomba and Supra boats are sold to dealers in the United States and around the world. Today Skier’s Choice is the third largest manufacturer of tournament tow boats in the world. The company currently employs nearly 400 people, most living in Blount, Loudon, Knox and Monroe counties in East Tennessee.

The Early Days

In the late 1980’s inboard boats were becoming increasingly expensive. Supra Sports management recognized a need for a ‘price point’ boat that could meet the needs of the ‘mass’ market without compromising the performance needs of the ‘core’ enthusiast. In November of 1989, the first product mold was acquired from an Australian tow boat manufacturer. In 1990, the Moomba Boomerang made its debut in North America. True to its Aussie-heritage, the Boomerang brought affordable towboat fun to the American tournament boat market.

Inboard Marine purchased Supra Sports in 1992, and continued to manufacture Supra and Moomba boats through 1995. The management operations were taken over in 1995 by a marine group out of Chicago. United Marine quickly assembled a group of former MasterCraft executives led by Rick Tinker as President, Danny Welshan as Production Manager, and Dan Miller as Vice President of Sales. Under this groups guidance the company headquarters were returned to east Tennessee.

The success of the new leadership team was almost immediately recognized with the 1997 introduction of the Moomba Outback. In a matter of months, the Outback raised the bar for all value-minded performance tow boats and became the sales backbone for the Moomba brand. Today the Outback remains one of a precious few AWSA certified three-event towboats that also meets and exceeds NMMA safety certification requirements.

In December 1999, the management team that came together in 1995 completed a buyout of the company from United Marine and changed its name to Skier’s Choice, Inc.

Sales growth has been explosive, leading the company to move to a new production facility in the Blount County Industrial Park in Maryville, Tennessee. This new facility more than doubled production space to over 142,000 square feet, increasing capacity without increasing overhead costs.

What is next for Skier’s Choice and the Moomba brand?

Moomba’s future will likely mirror its past. Our ‘Keep It Simple’ philosophy will continue to guide future product development. Expect tournament quality wakes, reliable performance, aggressive pricing, and years of dependable performance from a new Moomba. That formula led Moomba to be awarded a much coveted PowerBoat magazine Boat of the Year award.

Never ‘second best’. Never a ‘compromise’. Moomba takes ‘no worries’ core watersports performance to the highest level.

Innovations and Awards

  • 1981- Introduction of the Supra Sport, the first Supra boat. Development of the adjustable wake plate. Introduction of a rear ski locker.
  • 1982- The new Supra Beast model is the first boat to have a big block engine. Supra Allegro was also introduced. First cuddy cabin inboard ski boat.
  • 1983- Introduction of the Supra Rider. First open bow inboard in the industry, features a playpen bow design.
  • 1984- Introduction of the Comp ts6m model. Development of the SupraTrac hull design. Supra boats feature Kevlar in hull design.
  • 1985- The Supra Comp awarded “Ski Boat of the Year” by Powerboat magazine. Introduction of the Supra Sunsport.
  • 1986- Comp ts6m pulls the World Cup.
  • 1987-1989 Supra boats tow the World Waterski Championships.
  • 1987-1988 Comp ts6m wins “Ski Boat of the Year.”
  • 1989- Moomba brand developed by Supra Sports, Inc.
  • 1989- Mariah is the first open bow model to win “Ski Boat of the Year.”
  • 1990- Sunsport wins “Ski Boat of the Year.”
  • 1992- Developed all-fiberglass construction in several models. Introduced a limited lifetime warranty on all models.
  • 1994- First year for fuel injected engines.
  • 1997- Introduction of the all new Moomba Outback
  • 1998- Introduction of the newly redesigned Supra Comp; introduction of the tower for wakeboarding
  • 1999- Introduction of the Supra “Launch,” the first boat designed specifically for wakeboarding. The first Supra featuring a V-drive, the Santera, is introduced.
  • 2000- Supra and Moomba are selected as Official Towboats of the America's Cup.
  • 2001- Introduction of five new models including the Supra Launch SSV and Supra Sunsport V, both featuring stadium seating. Introduction of double up seating.
  • 2002- Introduction of the walk-through transom in the Supra Santera. Supra and Moomba are selected as Official Towboats of the 2002 Gravity Games competition.
  • 2003- Supra and Moomba are selected as Offical Towboats of the 2003 Gravity Games competition. Skier’s Choice moves to new 142,000 square foot facility located in Maryville, Tennessee.
  • 2004- Supra continues its sponsorship of the Gravity Games competition held in Cleveland, Ohio, beginning September 15th.
  • 2007- Moomba and Indmar introduce the first catalyzed engine in the tournament boat segnment, the 5.7L 340HP MPI ETX-CAT. The first-of-its-kind marine engine that dramatically reduces harmful carbon emissions without sacrificing power.
  • 2007- Supra becomes the exclusive towboat of the WWA World Wakeboard Championship.
  • 2009- Supra and Moomba both achieve a record 4th straight NNMA CSI awawrd for outstanding customer service
  • 2009- Supra becomes the official towboat of BroStock