The next big thing in "no worries" wake boating is small.

The 2015 Moomba Boats Mondo is just that, MONDO! This 20-foot 6-inch water sports tow boat is not big in price or stature, but it offers huge performance and monster comfort. The rough water ride and handling of the Mondo dwarf all other 20-footers. And the "MONDO" vibe continues on the inside with room for 13 people and convenient storage for all of their stuff. The only areas the Moomba Mondo doesn't measure-up is its price and physical size. The Moomba Mondo is gigantic when you want it and tiny when you need it. The Mondo is big on "no worries".

Moomba Mondo OE Makes Weight on 3500-pound Weight-limited Lakes like Lake Oswego in Oregon.

Moomba Boats wants to offer some insight to wake boat customers looking for a Moomba boat that is at or below the 3500-pound weight limit for the lake they boat on like Lake Oswego in Oregon. When determining the weight specification of a Moomba boat model, specifically the Moomba Mondo, we factor in the weight of this model along with its popular options, that in many cases add to the base weight of the boat. We also factor in a small amount of fuel weight. We do this so that we may provide a reliable average dry boat weight for our customers. The average and slightly over estimated nature of this number is very important so that we can help customers stay within vehicle tow capacities, boat lift capacities or the weight limitations of any other devices that could be compromised by an under-reported boat weight. Where this weight reporting strategy may not help our customers is on lakes that enforce boat weight restrictions. For these instances we feel it is necessary to explain just which options are included in the Mondo’s weight calculations so weight-limited lake boaters can build and use their Mondos within their lakes' restrictions. 

Moomba Mondo’s 3800-pound published weight includes:
Bimini & Hardware - 30 lbs
3 Color Gel coat - 20 lbs
Bow Speakers - 8 lbs
Fuel - 106 lbs (approx 17 gallons)
Bow Filler Cushion - 10 lbs
Wakeboard Racks - 35 lbs
Boat Cover - 20 lbs
Snap in Carpet - 25 lbs
TransShield Cover - 20 lbs
Sub and Amp - 20 lbs
Cooler, Depth Finder, Docking Lights combined - 10 lbs

When these items are removed from the Mondo, or simply not opted for when ordering a Moomba Mondo, the dry weight comes in at 3496 lbs. Since we had the dedicated Moomba customers of Oregon’s Lake Oswego in mind when we wrote this explanation we thought it only right to name a Moomba Mondo built for weight-limited lakes the Oswego Edition (OE). 

Mondo OE

Available Options

Only options available on the Oswego Edition:
OzHD Tower fold assist
Pop-up cleats
Stainless rubrail
Chrome or black chrome logo
Rally graphic
Non-skid package
Flow Surf
Mondo OE

Boat Specs

Gravity XLV
  • Length w/o Platform: 20' 6"
  • Length w/ Platform: 22' 6"
  • Width (Beam): 99"
  • Width w/ Trailer: 102"
  • Draft: 25"
  • Boat only: 3,496 lbs (represents optional components available)
  • Boat and Trailer: 4,346 lbs
  • Passenger: 13
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs
  • CFuel: 39 gals
  • Engine - 400 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar