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Welcome to our first electronic edition of the Moomba Maniacs. As a Moomba owner we will update you from time to time with the latest news, events, tech tips, step by step video instruction from a pro and more.

Be sure to check out the new Yo with a Pro! section that gives you the opportunity to ask Moomba Pro riders the questions you really want answers to. The new Moomba Entourage Section offers links to hot bulletin board topics from fellow owners and from time to time Moomba owner features. So send in your photographs, we want to hear about your family's Moomba experience. For now, this edition introduces you to who's behind Moomba, where to find us and other owners.
In the meantime, if there is anything that I can do to make your boating experience even more pleasant, do not hesitate to call. At Moomba, we're always thinking and we're always listening to our customers, to our riders, to our engineers and to our instincts. So give us a call, send a message or post a comment on our community bulletin board by clicking here.

Welcome to the family of owners and thank you for choosing Moomba!

Rick Tinker
President of Skiers Choice, Inc.


Boating Safety and Enjoyment Go Hand-in-Hand: You Can't Have One Without the Other!
At Skier's Choice, we build Moomba boats to provide a safe and fun boating experience, but you play an important role in making your time on the water safe for you, your family, your passengers or anyone who may be in and around your boat. Please take time to review the following important safety reminders before you head to the water.

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Safe Boating Information


Leave Your Worries Behind with Moomba's Spring Promotion
At Moomba, we define value in terms of great "bang for the buck" but we derive value from what the consumer considers important and this is exactly how Leave Your Worries Behind came about. From April 1st - June 30th buyers will receive Moomba's three most popular options for free.

So exactly what are those three most popular options Moomba is throwing in for free?

  • Integrated Perfect Pass - the world leader in speed control. Perfect Pass features one-touch control that remembers a rider's preferred speed setting and holds it to within 0.1 mph. Perfect Pass does the hard work, so you can enjoy many relaxing days at the lake.
  • Bimini Top - made with element-defying durable Sunbrella canvas, the best-performing marine fabric available. Moomba's Bimini Top provides you with the added sun protection your boat and family will have it made in the shade.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty - In addition to Moomba's Limited Lifetime warranty on their hand-laid hulls and a 4-year parts and labor warranty on Moomba's standard Indmar GM Vortec V-8 engines with electronic fuel injection, Moomba is giving away another 3 Year Limited Warranty on components. Now that is seriously No Worries!

There you have it...Our most popular options to give you even more bang for your buck and season after season of No Worries. Keep in mind dealers are topping with their own perks. So if you would like to be on the water this season enjoying time with family and friends and feel good knowing you didn't overspend, then contact your local dealer to take advantage of these additional spring savings between April 1st and June 30th. Locate your nearest Moomba dealer at

Get out and test-drive one. Go it, ride the wake. See if it exceeds your expectations. Don't say we didn’t tell you... Just because you get more boat for less... Don't Underestimate a Moomba!

Factory Incentives include:
Perfect Pass
Tower Bimini
Moomba 3 Year Warranty

Customer Savings

**Participating Dealers Only
***No Substitutions Allowed

2009 Wake Wrap Collection Exclusively Designed for Moomba boats.
Moomba's exclusive new collection of Wake Wrap designs offer customer's the ability to customize the colors and wrap size of their choice with the option to add custom boat numbers to match their wrap. In addition, Moomba buyers also have the opportunity to design their own custom wake wrap. The possibilities are endless thanks to Moomba's new partnership with ZDecals.

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Moomba Launches Interactive E-Catalog an Experience Far Beyond a Printed Catalog
Moomba's stunning new interactive e-catalog offers a unique experience that will capture your attention with sharp 3D content views, page flips, videos and active links.

Just like Moomba's printed catalog, the e-catalog provides full content product information; however, the experience is far beyond a printed catalog. And for our growing international community, the e-catalog will open in any language the user has their computer set to. Meaning this catalog will open in Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc. But there is more, so much more. Check out these added elements:.
  1. Catalog will open in a 2 page view
  2. Flip the page with navigation arrows at the top of the screen
  3. Zoom in Hi-Res - Just click on the catalog and slide left to right and up or down.
  4. Download catalog into a PDF to save a copy
  5. Print directly from the view screen
  6. All links within the catalog are interactive, click on the link to go to the website
  7. Catalog converts into language the users computer is set to

Request a catalog for yourself. Check out the next generation of Moomba design and experience this incredible new technology that provides you the information you need, when you want it!
Go to


New Moomba Outback V has all Style and Performance of a Thoroughbred Sports Car
The all-new Outback V has made the heart of boating enthusiasts literally skip a beat. It takes only one glimpse to wet your appetite to go out there on the water. Moomba is not only continuing the heritage of the legendary original in the Outback Series; it is launching the modern expression of this icon, while paying respect to the brands long tradition of more boat for less money.

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Liquid Force and the Moomba Mobius LSV have Joined Forces
Now that Liquid Force and the Moomba Mobius LSV have joined forces, a good thing just got even better. The Moomba Mobius LSV is the single most popular boat in the tournament wakeboard market segment; it's much like a 1970 Mustang Cobra GT, an instant classic that only grows more popular with time.

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It's evident from our 2009 model line up changes that at Moomba, our focus is on quality and season after season reliability at a price you can afford. At Moomba we believe quality shouldn't have to come at a crazy price to offer the wake shape, convenience, comfort and versatility you deserve!

For 2009 we made subtle enhancements. For example, while the wakeplate continues to work together with Moomba's hull design, it is now electric. The 2009 Electric Multi-Sport Wakeplate further maximizes efficiency. This enhancement offers riders more versatility and flexibility when adjusting the wake to adapt to various watersport activities.

Riders use the electric wakeplate to fine tune the shape of their wake by adding or taking lift away from the transom area. The combination of Moomba's electric wakeplate and weight from the optional Gravity III ballast provides a 4 plane adjustment (right, left, front, and back) of the hull running angle and produces the ultimate in wake shape control.

To further enhance the driver's experience, the Moomba design team has improved the ergonomics of the driver's seat by adding a new riser to the seat.

We have also added a new ignition switch and key that acts like the accessory position in your car, new stereo amp wiring, new dual battery wiring, better coolers, new non-skid swim platform and many more features.

The Outback V is all new for 2009. The new design excels in its proportions - while the length measures just less than 20', meeting small lake boat length restrictions, it has gained in width and depth featuring higher gunnels and a wider beam than its predecessor. To many admirers surprise, the deck layout has ample seating despite the length. The hull design features a drop V keel that more than satisfies watersports performance allowing slalom and wakeboarding all in one boat and the new stringer design improves the structural rigidity. Overall, the all-new design projects an aura of strength and self-confidence.

The most dramatic enhancements and added features to the 2009 model line up are clearly evident to the driver, rider and passengers by the reliability, performance and most importantly value of a Moomba boat. With Moomba, you sacrifice nothing!

We are often asked how we can offer such an incredible boat at $10,000 to $20,000 less than the competition. Well, it goes back to our core principle and philosophy of value.

Moomba maintains a no-frills approach and avoids pointless markups. We build into our products only what we know people really want, nothing more, nothing less. And we keep our costs down, but still our boats are built with the highest quality, market proven components which, by the way, are usually found in other brands throughout our segment. The result is that a Moomba owner experiences true tournament watersports performance, with reliable operation, at a category leading price.

Simply stated, if you want to be on the water, enjoying time with family and friends and feel good knowing you didn't overspend, then you need a Moomba!


Maintenance Schedule
Attached you will find a copy of your Moomba maintenance schedule and a blank service record sheet; this could be handy to have on file. These same documents can be found in your owner's manual, which we highly recommend that you review.


Learn the Basics
Want to add to your bag of tricks or to teach your family and friends how to wakeboard or slalom. If this is so, then you are going to love this portion of our online newsletter.

Take a training session from our pro's right from your home or download the tricks you want to learn and take them with you to the lake with our downloadable iPod videos located at

In this edition, we will start off with the basics. If you are interested in more advanced step by step instruction from Pro Riders Josh Sanders, Ben Greenwood, Reed Hansen, Kyle Schmidt, Austin Hair and Trevor Hansen; visit our trick room on our website at


At Moomba, we're always thinking and we're always listening to our customers, to our riders, to our engineers and to our instincts. Each year we compile the input from these resources and focus our new model changes to further enhance the quality and reliability of each model we build.

From the President of the company to the guy that lake tests every boat, almost every employee of the company loves being on the water. From wakeboarding to wakesurfing, from skiing to tubing with friends and family, the desire to be in a boat is what drives our day to day passion.

We have employees that grew up as show skiers, some that have competed on a collegiate level, a few that compete in the INT tour and a few that have competed at the World Championships. And of course many who just love to go out on the water with their family. We know why storage is important. We know why seating is important. We know why having the ability to shape a wake is important. Why pure quality and reliable operation season after season is important.

Not only do we know these things are important because we listen to you, to our riders and to our engineers, but because we also find these same elements important to us when we use our boats with our families after work and on the weekend.

We also realize that when you buy a Moomba, you are not only buying a boat, but you are also buying a lifestyle and a partnership with our company and our dealer. As a Moomba owner you can take comfort in knowing you get the full package and the support network you expect.

Now you may think this is all just marketing fluff and in a way it is; but, also it isn't. For all our team members, this is what we believe, this is who we are and this is what we do.

We take advantage of every opportunity to learn, and we know those opportunities are endless. The people at Moomba have a depth of talent, skills and experience; but beyond that we have people who care about what they do, who share ideas, listen to one another and work as teams to make improvements. We have standards and are disciplined in following them, yet to us, a standard does not represent a ceiling to maintain, but a floor from which to constantly launch new improvements.

With this said, please take the time to join our community of team members and owners all over the country if you haven't already done so. There are several platforms and venues to choose from, to include our:


Moomba to unite owners throughout the country with nine manufacturer supported owner reunions. Join Moomba owners this summer to hang out and ride with people who share the same passion for boating and watersports. Rick Tinker, President of Skiers Choice, Inc. explains, "We are thrilled to host more reunion events this year and ready to treat our owners to an unforgettable boating experience as a way of thanking them for their steadfast loyalty and passion for our boats."

A Moomba Owner Reunion is the kind of event that every owner should have the opportunity to experience, it's sure to become an annual tradition for your family! Portland will kick off the boating season with the first reunion of the year and the Southeast will finish it off in September.

Be sure to save the date for a reunion hosted in your area. Come show off your boat, enjoy the camaraderie, win lots of prizes and meet factory representatives. These are the dates, locations and dealers bringing together fellow Moomba boat owners across their region.

Portland Owners Reunion
Active Watersports
Minnesota Owners Reunion
Forrest Lake Motorsports
Houston Owners Reunion
Rinkers Boat World
Chicago Owners Reunion
Chicago Sea Ray
Indiana Owners Reunion
Aqua Marine of Anderson
Colorado Owners Reunion
Colorado Boat Center
Austin Owners Reunion
South Austin Marine
Tennessee Owners Reunion
Knoxville Watersports

Watch for more details to be released as each reunion date approaches. Check out our message boards or event section under the community tab on our website at or contact your local dealer for more information.


Want to Improve Your Wakeboarding Skills?
Moomba boats and your local dealer presents the 2009 Training Clinics featuring on-the-water wakeboard clinics conducted by professional riders with over 15 years of instructional experience. On the-water clinics are available with Dave Briscoe and Russ Wilde. Contact your local dealer to see if a clinic is coming to your local lake or check our event section under the community tab on our website at Tour stops are still currently being added to the schedule.  


New 09 Apparel available.
Get the latest Moomba gear at


Ask a Supra Pro
Ask Supra Team riders the questions you really want answers to. Just email your questions to and check the next edition of our newsletter for your response.